Monday, 15 March 2010

Redesigning Business for the 21st Century

Pentacle has actively been developing and communicating a rethink of how businesses can work and succeed in these volatile times. To overcome the waste and inefficiencies which large companies face on a daily basis, Robert Hewins has developed the SpinCastingTM Programme. Through effective, disciplined communication between and within virtual teams, SpinCastingTM saves global businesses millions through dramatically improved management and workforce productivity, lowered travel costs and improved project delivery. With SpinCastingTM concepts, methods and supporting technology, the end finally is in sight for dead-end video and conference calls with low active participation, short attention span and distractions such as email. Eddie Obeng has been sharing this New World approach with delegates at the Economist Big Rethink Summit more...

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Inspiration Monthly Schedule for 2010

Designed with issues and materials in mind that link New World principles to the fast-moving events around us, the 4th edition of Pentacle's Inspiration Monthlies is brimming with thought-provoking, relevant and pragmatic ways to fulfil our 2010 theme of Finding Possibilities.

Continuing our commitment to Open Source Learning, Pentacle Inspiration Monthlies are open to all, wherever they may be situated.

Inspiration Monthlies run for two hours (
18:00 UK - 20:00 UK) on the evening of the THIRD Thursday of each month when you will get a chance to sit around with stimulating people and be provoked, challenged and enlightened by the Pentacle Team.