Sunday, 16 November 2008

Welcome to World After Midnight

Pentacle has just released a short 9 minute video clip which will change your perception of the world around you. It will explain why no one saw the credit crunch coming, why we have such difficulty aligning to stop climate change and why you are having to work so hard... With thought provoking comments and humour take a second look at the world we really live in... View here There is also a supporting website at

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Inspiring Dragons to Lead to Results

The packed 250-seat arena at the University of Wales Newport was host to Lead On 2008. Over the course of the day Managers and Entrepreneurs from across Wales were challenged, inspired, provoked and allowed to network, in an event sponsored by the Wales Management Council and chaired by Christopher Ward CEO. Introduced by a member of the Welsh Assembly, Eddie Obeng delivered the first keynote on Leading to Results. Within minutes it was obvious to all present that he himself had been inspired by dragons. Over 45 minutes, he put the current financial crisis firmly in its place as a simple 'event' in a bigger pattern of change. He then went on to explain how to deliver results in our world which changes faster than we can learn. He used a short story about a money making machine shop to demonstrate how to set clear priorities in the health service and other public bodies. The session became more and more interactive as the dragons stirred and demonstrated their determination to learn to lead like never before. Eddie furiously drew and scribbled (his notes are here). Together with the Eddie, the participants went on to explore how they could lead through their behaviour, emotions, actions and thinking. No sleeping dragon was left to lie.

Mr Bean smashes the glass barriers to strategy at Pilkington

Pilkington Executives were treated to a challenging session on what 'Strategy' means in the current turbulent times. Starting by referring to Porter and other traditional strategists as 'old fellows', Christophe Gillet led a romp through ideas and modern practice. He pointed out that less than 5% of 1950's Fortune 500 are discrete entities today and then went on to explain what differentiates Old and New World strategy. He illustrated the need to focus on strategic events (irreversible and organisation wide) rather than strategy, by describing the antics of Mr Bean ending with an explanation of how all trade comes from what he termed a 'misunderstanding of value'.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Nero still fiddling

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Weaving a future which suits us best.

In a 50 minute 'tour de force' Eddie Obeng completed the round of speakers which included former German Chancellor Schroeder and the Prime Minister at the Turkish Textile Employers Association Conference, Marti Hotel Antalya. Eddie's presentation on Thriving by Making sense of the future covered all the New World fundamentals. He took time to explain how to apply the New world rules such as chunking - to manage uncertainty, going virtual - to give emerging societies and economies a level playing field with the rest of the world and Stakeholders rule! OK. as a way of identifying customer led business innovation in a demanding environment. The conference which concentrated on Globalisation, Energy and the current Financial crisis was well attended and reported on CNN Turk along with an interview by Professor Obeng