Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Review of Conference: ZERO

193 attendees from China to Bahrain to Brazil.  30 speakers from Australia to France to the USA.  Saving over 65,000 miles of travel (three times round the world) and earning a **** rating

Last Thursday we were proud to host Conference: ZERO on behalf of the Association for Project Management on QUBE.  The aim of the TED-style conference was to start the BIG conversation on “Creating a world where all projects succeed.”

Here’s an overview of what happened on the day: 

There were many amazing keynote sessions, including ones from Bill Morris LVO on The Olympic Ceremonies, Peter White on Delivering the Digital Switchover Perfect Project, John Mathers on Design and Projects, Andrew Bragg on APM’s Ambitious Vision for the Profession, and Martin Baker on Life or Death Projects

Many participants experienced delays in getting on QUBE due to two of our cloud routers turning rogue, and some suffered annoying crashes. If this is you and you were frustrated (not a perfectly successful project for you ;-) ) please contact me, Eddie_Obeng@PentacleTheVBS.com .  I’d like to say sorry, ask you to forgive us - since we are just starting on this journey - and propose a treat!

We also had interactive and engaging sessions from practitioners from HeadcastLab, JP Morgan, O2, DHL, Ernst & Young, Capgemini, Novo Nordisk, Amari, MWH Global, bloggers, journalists and many more.

There were practical workshops run by the Pentacle team on tools and techniques for everything from overcoming resistance to change to predicting the future issues and ‘preliminating’ them.

Lots and lots of connections were made, tweets sent out on #ConfZERO, and discussions started. Visit the photo gallery at http://Pentacle.co.uk/ZEROpics.htm .  If you took pictures or video on the day, or have blogged or tweeted, please let me know and I'll add them to the website.

What next? 

Let’s keep the discussion going.  Let’s share ideas and learning. Let’s try to speak the same language to make it easier, using the themes of the conference: purpose, perspective, practitioner, people and performance.  You’re on QUBE now, it’s like being on Skype.  You can see who’s live and summon them with a “Come here”  to meet you (see icon to the right). And if you’re on your smart phone, you can always find out using http://QUBE.cc/Whos-on-Now/ 

I look forward to seeing you again, as a qubot, soon.


Professor Eddie Obeng