Saturday, 26 January 2013

Leading to an African Future.. and Perhaps Yours

At Pentacle we are proud and excited about a project we have been in a small way involved in for some time.  And we think it will energise and inspire you also.

Professor Eddie Obeng, Dr Michael Anaman and Kwame Akuffo have for some time been supporting the African Leadership Insitiute's Archbishop Tutu Leadership programme.  Last year Al Jazeera filmed a cohort of leaders on their journey.  It really is a "must watch". You'll love the challenge, the emotion, and watching the participants grow into world-class leaders. Co-founders Peter Wilson & Sean Lance and the programme team have done a remarkable job of creating over many years, what must be one of the most powerful unique leadership programmes in the world.

Don't leave this for later, put aside everything and watch the first episode now.  Tweet about it. and let us know what you thought.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Happy New Year from Eddie Obeng

This article was written by Prof Eddie Obeng for his personal blog.

I'm sure you know the tired old proverb about 'Teaching a man to fish…'  It's a really brilliant but now obsolete piece of 'Old-World' thinking. It assumes that you already know about the existence of fish and that somebody (you) has the skill to catch them. I'm not so sure that is true today.  In our complex, fast-changing world there are few ‘Opportunities’ simply because everyone else recognises them, and by the time you try to get to them they’re probably already gone.  It makes little sense to keep looking for 'Opportunities' that you recognise. Instead the trick is to create and seek out 'Possibilities'… then transform them into ‘Your Opportunities’... and then craft them into‘Realities’. Today, you must IMAGINE A FISH!

Original Proverb: Give a man a fish and he feeds for a day.  Teach a man to fish and he feeds for a lifetime.

A decade ago I added my own two silent lines.  I invented them as mantra to inspire me to keep my quest for New World Leadership and Business Management moving through education & learning-by-sharing...

Teach a man how to learn how to fish and he may also learn how to hunt, farm, produce works of art or cook.

Teach a man how to teach others to fish and you feed the village and then the world. And for you, again for 2013 and onwards I now say - First, IMAGINE A FISH.

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