Thursday, 15 January 2009

Sixty Six Tigers Loose in Hospital Wards!

No, not really. But sixty six marketing, sales and supply chain executives supporting Tygacil let their brains run riot in a session titled What's the BIG idea? in Montreux. The session led by Professor Eddie Obeng was aimed at one of the worlds most effective and relevant antibiotics Tygacil. Tygacil with its tetracycline-based molecular structure has the ability to really get under the skin of bacteria and stay there, This makes it very effective across a broad spectrum. For troublesome bugs like MRSA, and for a selection of patients who need an early result, it becomes the first, second and final line of defence being effective where other antibiotics have been rendered less useful due to the bug's ability to shrug them off.

The team of tigers worked at breakneck speed, through three stages of the Pentacle R.A.B.B.I.T. model, Creating the Opportunity (through creativity techniques from the Pentacle Magic Box of Tricks including Back-to-Front, Calling in Other Professions, Excursion Thinking & Random Connections) Engaging Commitment (understanding resistance to change by publicly de-risking using Hopes&FearsTM, engagement through IDQB TM) to Making it Happen (GapLeapTM and StickyStepsTM)

So beware. If you're a bug and you think you're tough your hours are numbered, the Tyga's going to get you!

Friday, 2 January 2009

The New World is your Oyster...

For 2009, we have launched a project designed to help all our clients, customers, collaborators and (ex)course participants deal effectively with the combined challenges of the credit crunch, climate change and corporate competition and globalisation. The project called Oyster means that we will be trying really hard to make our New World approach and learning available to as many people as possible,

Among consultancies, business schools and coaching organisations we have the unique distinction that we have always focussed on complex change challenges. The NewWorld assumption has always been to take nothing for granted, to assume all 'respectable' and 'traditional' theories, concepts and methodologies are already obsolete or well past their sell by date.

To participate in Project Oyster you need to let us know what specific challenges you are wrestling with. We've begun the dialogue by releasing a nine minute video - World After Midnight and started a conversation called 'LetsTalk' You can join the conversation here

Pentacle also invites you to submit topics you'd like to hear for this year's Inspiration Monthlies. You can influence the topic selection by clicking here