Monday, 29 September 2008

Sleeping Volcano Showers Actuaries with Sparks

In spite of having had only a couple of hours sleep because of ATC problems at Heathrow, Eddie Obeng closed the Institute of Actuaries 2008 GIRO Conference in Sorrento, across the bay from Vesuvius, with a series of loud bangs and flashes! The five hundred strong audience of leading actuaries were challenged to look at the world through 'New World' eyes. Eddie's presentation covered the basic drivers of the 'credit crunch,' the impact of climate change and the need for new thinking and leadership. the tripple whammy of; pace of change> learning, interaction>movement and emergence>linearity. "In a world which changes faster than we can learn, what do we need to do differently?" he asked. He introduced them to Karl Fisch's "Did you know?" video, challenged them to develop non-linear models to match the reality of our complex world

Thursday, 25 September 2008

How Project Management Saved the World

At the Project Expo in Olympia London the worlds leading project event, UK delegates were treated to a very, very high speed presentation on how to deliver 'perfect projects' interlaced with an explanation of global change, environmental challenge and financial crises. Explaining that, "a speech never implemented anything", Eddie Obeng got the delegates chatting amongst themselves animatedly. He also told the now famous 'Alien Story.' After the session there was a rush for the stall selling copies of the New World Book series - All Change (listen to mpeg)and The Complete Leader (see video) proved the most popular

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Rank and Xerox merge!

Well not really. Only within Pentacle. Eddie Obeng's diary told the story of two sequential events. One with Rank - now one the world's most formidable gaming businesses, with several channels to market from casino's, through bingo halls, to online offerings. The breadth and depth of understanding of the gaming market is quite awesome. The next was another world. A conference for Xerox in Barcelona, where Eddie delivered three keynote sessions to audiences fascinated by the new addition to Xerox's iGen family of printers - the iGen4. Eddie explained how he had recently used online publishing to produce his most recent book The Complete Leader and how being allowed the flexibility to produce just one copy of a high quality colour book opened up the opportunities available - from customised versions for specific clients, to versions finished with the notes from a specific course. He explained the NewWorld rules, 'do nothing of no use' and 'chunk it or junk it!'

Show & Tell and Wow the Audience

Eddie Obeng has been wowing audiences around the globe during his three month, pre-sales trial of the newest and coolest gadget, PaperShow from Oxford. Using a bluetooth enabled pen and a pad of specially printed paper he has worked audiences at events as diverse as Xerox iGen4 Conference in Barcelona, the Desmond Tutu African Leadership Foundation and the International Association of Conference Centres in Warwick . The kit allows him to get up close and personal, often even sitting in the audience to drive his dynamic interactive presentation. And then he put it to use in the office by illustrating a thought leadership article he was writing on Service Innovation. If you haven't put your name on the waiting list do so NOW. You can register at and quote the code UK008 so that they know where you heard about it. There's more noise about this by other bloggers

Do a million Glances make a stare?

Pentacle has received the accolade of having hosted the millionth session on Glance which allows easy remote desktop sharing has been a staple tool for virtual working at Pentacle for five years It is used for internal meetings, on-line coaching of course delegates, new client sales conferences and perhaps most well known the Inspiration Monthlies.
In future we're just going to have to stare.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Service Innovation - Formlessness follows Free thought

Form Follows Function has been a designer's mantra for decades. But what if the 'thing' being designed has no structure and instead is the journey of a customer:- the meandering, emotional rises and falls experienced by a customer who comes into contact with your organisation? Professor Colin Burns will lead an exciting session on the 18th of September. This Inspiration Monthly will explore how to extend the role of innovation to reinvent service delivery.

It will be a journey to remember. Find out more. Register now

Dodgy Deals?

In collaboration with the World's No 1 Ranked Executive training outfit, Duke Corporate Education, Pentacle has been working to help the 'Tiger' deal makers at Shell even more effective. Eddie Obeng's i2o (Integrate to Operate) session featured the key New World frameworks of CradleGraveTM OpenChainTM and the famous PackOfDealsTM Typology model