Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Q: How do you include someone who isn’t there? A: By using the fourth dimension with QUBE.

For nearly 30 years the University of St Thomas in Minnesota, US, has been holding The Forum on Workplace Inclusion, bringing organisations together to discuss issues of diversity and the best ways to make sure people at work feel included.

Last week the Forum faced the problem “how do you include someone who isn't there?”. Prof Eddie Obeng, the keynote speaker, was thousands of miles away at the time!

Prof Eddie Obeng, appearing as a qubot
with a live stream of his face, uses a
mirror in the qubicle to show the
audience what they look like on QUBE.
The answer was to think in the fourth dimension by adding QUBE, Pentacle’s revolutionary 3D learning environment. Eddie connected to the audience from a qubicle (virtual classroom) on QUBE, which meant that not only were they able to see and hear him present in real time, they were also able to interact and ask him questions throughout the session.

So did the audience feel included, even though the presentation was virtual? Here are some of the reactions:

If you want to know how going four dimensional can benefit your organisation, contact us or try QUBE for yourself.