Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Moving into the New World

Walk around Bratislava in Slovakia and you notice something remarkable; there is almost perfect wifi coverage across the centre of the city.
"Give me a two cans and I can turn
this string into into a virtual network"

It is the kind of thing that authorities in the older parts of Europe merely dream about and the impact is astounding. There is a fluency of communication and speed to doing business that makes the normal round of meetings and agendas seem very Old World.

Robert Hewins of Pentacle Benelux, and Toby Scott of Pentacle Ireland have just finished two days with some of the brightest project managers in Slovakia teaching them the principles of the NewWorldTM. This is a country that carries a legacy of Soviet occupation in the form of outdated practice and conservative attitudes, but, in terms of their ability to do business in cyberspace, they have truly gone virtual.