Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Conduire un changement d'organisation à l'échelle européenne

Comment faire aboutir un projet de changement d'organisation à l'échelle européenne dans un grand groupe international tel que Johnson &Johnson ?
Comment engager la totalité des parties prenantes pour assurer l'aboutissement du projet ?
Telles étaient les questions auxquelles Johnson &Johnson a répondu en organisant un séminaire dans le cadre prestigieux du Chateauform de Faverges-de-la-Tour.
Animés par Denis Rieu, un travail en profondeur sur les différentes dimensions du changement et ses aspects émotionnels puis un retour sur le projet en cours, ont permis de répondre aux attentes de tous.
Dans un ambiance conviviale, faite de discussions et d'échanges les participants ont pu enrichir leur perception du projet et le replacer dans la dynamique du monde complexe dans lequel nous évoluons. Ils sont repartis avec des outils pratiques et pragmatiques pour eux mêmes et leurs équipes.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Flattery or Fashion at the Cutting Edge?

Do you notice any similarity between the new Pentacle Navigator and a younger but larger organisation? Amazing how lightning strikes several times in the same place. I guess that's what animated the primordial soup....

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Totally Absorbed

Christophe Gillet and Denis Rieu rolled out their new design of the innovative Experienced Manager's program in Strasbourg for one of the world's leading energy companies. Over the course of a week the participants had a chance to learn about the global economy from Jean-Francois Richard formerly of the World Bank, Yves Henry award winning pianist on Music and Leadership, emeritus Professor Youssef Bissada and Hoda Bissada, and an amazing string of the Pentacle Team
One participant was overheard to remark, " It seems that you have assembled only geniuses to teach this course!" The participants were totally absorbed
The course was developed in close partnership with the client. The teaching rules were no death by powerpoint, real pragmatic stuff and participation.

Doh! Learning Transforms the Future... not the Past

Words of wisdom from a key character from The Simpsons cartoon series. Pale-ed (aka David Lomas) got the message to Project managers from the Open University Estates Department at Burke Lodge Beaconsfield UK. It is pretty common for people in organisations with a public sector bias to have missed the big transition to the New World and as a result to assume that what has been will always be. David charmed the group with a clear rendition of the Project Type Blues in a style similar to that of one of his neighbours Homer.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Big smile melts the hearts of of hard project managers

Project managers from The Open University Estates department are used to delivering tough projects. From security, through new offices to IT infrastructure all these must be delivered to a highly challenging stakeholder base. Michael Anaman worked closely with 18 of them at The Virtual Business school demonstrating through his warm approachable manner in small group work how to gain commitment from the toughest and most cynical of stakeholders

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Stopping the Indians turn into Cowboys

Doing business should be simple. If you want the supplier's product or service more than you want your money, and they want your money more than they want their product, then everyone comes away happy.
But this can also be hard work, and shortcuts that economise with sound ethics can look appealing, especially when business is growing at over 20%.
Will Stevens was in Mumbai last month, spending time helping young salespeople in Dow Chemicals adopt sound principles of selling that conform with honest values, and turn these into winning traits. Working with over 30 managers and sellers, Will took them on a journey to understand how people buy, how decisions are made, how to communicate an accurate and compelling business case, and how to make sure that both supplier's and customer's interests are served in a business relationship.
"...great learning experience for getting to know more about strategic selling." "...gave a thorough insight on various buying influences and their perspectives." "...the instructor was very motivating and encouraging."
This was Will's second trip to India this year. He came across no cowboys, but did eat lots of curry.