Friday, 26 July 2013

Who Killed the Sparq? – A Thrilling Read

In our last blogpost, we asked people who downloaded Prof Eddie Obeng’s new book Who Killed the Sparq? to send us pictures of them enjoying the book on holiday.

The best we’ve received so far is this one from Martin Baker of One Team Advisory:

Martin’s set the bar very high, so you’ll have to come up with something good to beat him!

You can download your copy of Who Killed the Sparq from . You can link to your pictures in the comments, or email them to

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Something for your holiday break ... with a twist ...

Something for your holiday break?

As you prepare to pack up for your holidays (assuming you are in the northern hemisphere), I’d like to slip a book into your suitcase. Written in the same leisurely style as my other books - such as All Change! and Money Making Machine - and just like them, packing a punch, Who Killed the Sparq? is a ‘whodunnit’ about innovation. As usual, the fast-paced story, written from your point of view, masks the research and theories, making them digestible. You are compelled to read on in order to find out what happens next. Later in the book, again as usual, I point you towards useful tools, tips, techniques and behaviours such as ‘SmartFailure’.

I’ve taken the idea of an ebook one step further than normal. Not only do you get the convenience of your Kindle or iPad, but you also get lots of links to other World After Midnight resources and tools available from the interweb!

And the best bit is that it’s a free summer gift, with a twist you’ll discover on the download page.

You can download it from

P.S. You may know that I also collect pictures of people reading my books in relaxing settings, for example next to the pool, in a bar, in a sun lounger, in a hammock … so if you do take a picture I’d appreciate you emailing it through!

Have an innovative and energising break.