Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Rank and Xerox merge!

Well not really. Only within Pentacle. Eddie Obeng's diary told the story of two sequential events. One with Rank - now one the world's most formidable gaming businesses, with several channels to market from casino's, through bingo halls, to online offerings. The breadth and depth of understanding of the gaming market is quite awesome. The next was another world. A conference for Xerox in Barcelona, where Eddie delivered three keynote sessions to audiences fascinated by the new addition to Xerox's iGen family of printers - the iGen4. Eddie explained how he had recently used online publishing to produce his most recent book The Complete Leader and how being allowed the flexibility to produce just one copy of a high quality colour book opened up the opportunities available - from customised versions for specific clients, to versions finished with the notes from a specific course. He explained the NewWorld rules, 'do nothing of no use' and 'chunk it or junk it!'

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