Monday, 29 September 2008

Sleeping Volcano Showers Actuaries with Sparks

In spite of having had only a couple of hours sleep because of ATC problems at Heathrow, Eddie Obeng closed the Institute of Actuaries 2008 GIRO Conference in Sorrento, across the bay from Vesuvius, with a series of loud bangs and flashes! The five hundred strong audience of leading actuaries were challenged to look at the world through 'New World' eyes. Eddie's presentation covered the basic drivers of the 'credit crunch,' the impact of climate change and the need for new thinking and leadership. the tripple whammy of; pace of change> learning, interaction>movement and emergence>linearity. "In a world which changes faster than we can learn, what do we need to do differently?" he asked. He introduced them to Karl Fisch's "Did you know?" video, challenged them to develop non-linear models to match the reality of our complex world

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