Wednesday, 7 August 2013

STOP THE PRESSES: Curious Biker Learns to Read

The mystery is so intense that one biker has learned to read just so that he can find out Who Killed The Sparq?

How about you?  Have you downloaded your free copy of the 'whodunnit' book on what stops
innovation dead?

Who do you think did it?  Was it the CFO?  The Customer?  Perhaps the Leader themself?

Please send us a photo of you reading the book in an unusual or interesting place, on your holidays, sitting on the water cooler - the email address is We will add your picture to the growing album of pictures, which you can view here.

Oh, and drop us a note or a message by email or on the WhoKilledTheSparq website to tell us how you found the book and the concept of a free book in exchange for interaction.  If we get enough messages, we are thinking about releasing the entire New World series of 10 books in the same way.

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