Friday, 13 December 2013

Money making machine discovered down mine!

This article was written by Prof Eddie Obeng and originally published on his personal blog.

Perhaps I should get one?  Perhaps you should get one?  David Lomas, Pentacle's techno wizard, alerted me to a once-in-a lifetime opportunity.

When I wrote Money Making Machine, I was looking for a way to align all the people in a business organisation to work together to collectively improve the performance of the organisation.  In a complex and fast-changing world, it is often really difficult to know whether the actions you are taking, the decisions you are making, and the conversations you're having are going to help your business make enough money to keep going.  The central idea is five Money Making Questions to align everyone.

But now there's almost no need.  Apparently, Avalon sell an ASIC machine that, for the small spending of $11,000, is capable of producing $50,000 in five months.  Over its useful working life of 31 months, it will make about $117,000!

If you've read Money Making Machine, you'll know that this is a fantastic answer to Question One.  Question Two - how fast you need to spend to run it - is all down to the amount of power it consumes: approximately 600 Watts.  We've already answered Question Three: it was $11,000.  As for Question Four, it depends on what you think of hashing and bitcoins.

But what about the most important question of all, Question Five?  Hmmm ... I think I'll pass on Avalon's offer and spend my time writing a blog instead.

You can discover your own Money Making Making for no money (no Question Three) here or buy one here to speed up mine.

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