Monday, 14 April 2014

Go slow to go much faster!

Professor Eddie Obeng had the pleasure to join Camila Batmanghelidjh, Founder of Kids Company and the opening speaker at the 2014 Association for Project Management (APM), at the annual conference.  Eddie, Winner of the 2011 Sir Monty Finniston Award for his contribution to project management, is the founder and learning director of Pentacle, the world's first Virtual Business School.  Eddie also created Pentacle QUBE, the first 3D, fully-immersive, educational-social media platform. 

The APM website describes his session: "The founder of the world’s first virtual business school, Pentacle, didn’t disappoint as he took the audience on a motivational, entertaining and interactive journey through the day’s experiences, recognising the importance of people in project management and the future roles they will play.

"Asking the audience to set the agenda for his speech with questions, he told delegates to look at the people aspect and ‘step into their shoes’. 'We need to engage our people and put fire in their bellies,' he said, 'it is then likely that they will go and do something amazing.'

"And he called on project managers to 'stop thinking about not changing' but to make some space for themselves too. 'Take the time to ground yourself. Find something that will help you refocus and then help you go forward.'

"Telling project managers they need to build trust, by slowing down and minimising surprises, he added: 'Going slower means engaging and involving people and building their trust before executing the project.'

"On closing he had these words for all involved in the profession and their future projects, echoing the APM vision of a world in which all projects succeed.
'There is no reason why projects can’t be perfect,' he added, 'It is possible and we are learning how to achieve this right now. We are the ones who change the world.'"

  •  Get ready to join Eddie for conversation ZERO on how we will together create a 'World Where Every Project Succeeds', or for one of his open enrolment Inspiration Monthly sessions.

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