Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A New Way of Learning For Heathcare Professionals around the world

Introduced, "It is totally appropriate for an online guru and pioneer that he is joining us online as his virtual form...," Pentacle's Eddie Obeng spent 40 minutes saving the world hundreds of thousands of miles of travel by running an interactive session at the People in Health Summit from Beaconsfield in the UK to Melbourne in Australia.  He achieved this using Pentacle's collaborative learning platform, QUBE.

The innovative design included a pre-summit session run entirely on QUBE where everyone attended as qubots.  This was followed by a contribution to a major summit for Healthcare professionals and finished off with a post summit event again on QUBE.

In terms of quality and cost the learning experience was exemplary and at a fraction of the cost of travelling to Australia or a video conference the session was a winner all round.

Professor Eddie Obeng told the participants on the other side of the world that "It's not about what I know, its about what you learn!" and then took the audience on an engaging  roller coaster of a journey.  The highlight of the session was that he shared his "Why children are becoming obese.' 'BubbleDiagramTM' with the audience.  

The Chairperson summed up the session saying, "That was such an innovative session that the conference organisers should really be thanked for organising  something so interesting and so involving!"

Pentacle intends to create a global learning community for Healthcare Professionals on QUBE. If you are interested please send us a message here>>

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