Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Snapshots from the Pentacle eFacilitator course

Group discussion at Demonstration Whiteboard -
every session saves 15,000 miles of travel
The Pentacle QUBE Spring eFacilitator course began last Thursday. Over three gruelling weeks the participants will be transformed from novice QUBE facilitators to being able to deliver engaging qubinars. The course structure is based on the UK General Aviation course for helicopter pilots. Over the three weeks the intention is to give participants as many 'flying hours' as possible to enable them to go Solo, coach and lead on QUBE.

Paritipant points at a key issue to bring
to the attention of everyone - no hands
but Star Wars-styled laser

The participants get to develop an understanding of QUBE, how it functions and the safe operating limits, while becoming very comfortable and familiar with the controls. In the first module they get to explore all the directions of functionality. Everything from making furniture appear to how to find the cheat sheets that accompany every single embedded Pentacle Effectiveness Tool (PET).

The first set of PETs included: Hopes & FearsTM (engaging everyone from the start),  SpinCastingTM (keeping everyone engaged during the session), Learning Cycle (the importance of learning in the New World - how can we make sure that we realise what’s happened, including your thoughts about it, identifying a pattern and figuring out how to apply it) and 5PsTM (briefing people in situations of uncertainty and ambiguity).

Seated at their desks in syndicate groups,
each participant has a 'Slate'
(a sort of tablet computer for taking notes etc). 
Each module is summarised as QUBE Learn (the New World leadership and business management tools), QUBE Do (activities and actions for applied learning) and QUBE Ware (an understanding of the platform), which together provide the basis of good Airmanship or good  QUBEpersonship.

Participants have added Sticky notes of their
 key learnings to a PET poster


Ani said...

Learning to learn,
having lots of fun,

Sharing and collaborating,
facilitating and engaging,
all from my comfort seat,
so refreshing and enriching.

New world is complex.
New world is moving.
QUBE lets you blend in
by re-inventing learning!

-- Ani Kaprekar

Enjoying the experience of getting trained as a Tutor on QUBE. Simply loving this medium and method of collaborative learning and applying.

Alistair Godbold said...
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Alistair Godbold said...

I have learnt so much on these series of short sessions on how to be a facilitator on QUBE. Operating in the virtual environment is different from the 'real' world. Learning how to do this has helped me to think more clearly about what I take for granted and now have to think about. This has helped me in both areas.

A special thanks to the tutors and Eddie who were so supportive and patient (I am a slow learner), and to all the other people on the course from whom I learnt so much.

Tammy Watchorn said...

Had a great time in the eFacilitator course - it was fun, hands on, informative and speedy. Learnt so much in a short space of time. Can't think of a better way to learn
Tammy Watchorn