Tuesday, 28 March 2017

They laughed when I said I liked uncertainty, they're not laughing now.

It's the millennium. A typical group of typical senior managers are agreeing on who to promote. The choice is between a manager who presents clear plans, good business cases and can demonstrate that they have experience and another who doesn't' do any of those things.  Who would they promote? But, remember even then, offshoring and outsourcing, of the more easily specified parts of the organisation, meant remaining internal roles had more complexity and change to deal with.
How to respond to different Types of Change
Now we live in what the BBC has called the "Age of Uncertainty" and I call the "World After Midnight". Now almost all the work and change in the organisation contains huge uncertainties. We are uncertain of what to do. We are uncertain of how to deliver or, sometimes, we are uncertain of both what and how. What use is a manager who is best at dealing in areas of clarity?
I wrote a book which became an FT best seller, about the best ways to deal with All Change! It's here in .pdf format so you can read it but not too easily ( :-) that way you'll probably end up buying a copy)
Today I would like you to try to classify what type of change your biggest change challenges are. Plot them on a map of change types. You will find an explanation here
Surfing a world of change means knowing more 'bout waves.

You must get on QUBE because you become more certain in your uncertainty


UNCERTAINTY - The leadership and strategic mind-set and toolkit to help you navigate the current global uncertainty.
NEURO-COLLABORATION - Making the most of digital opportunities to allow human minds to collaborate and engage.
METAMORPHOSIS - Transforming your incumbent/legacy organisation to outperform digital disruptors.
AGILITY - Successful and fast delivery of 'foggy' change in a turbulent business environment.
PERSUASION - Innovative Leadership in Complex Times - A master class in how to get just about anyone to follow you doing something new.

HUMAN-MACHINE - Visions and strategies for the future of work in a world where machines are stronger and smarter than us.

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